Society for the Upliftment of Villagers & Development of Himalyan Areas (SUVIDHA) in collaboration with HDFC Parivartan is implementing Holistic Rural Development Project in 10 villages of Kasravad block of Khargon District, Madhya Pradesh.

The details of the villages are as follows:

No. District Block Village Household (Number) Population
1 Khargone Kasrawad Sarwardewala 509 2,215
2 Khargone Kasrawad Bahaderpura 115 499
3 Khargone Kasrawad Umariya 233 919
4 Khargone Kasrawad Utawad 282 933
5 Khargone Bhikhangaon Kakadgaon 240 1,550
6 Khargone Bhikhangaon Satwadi 146 925
7 Khargone Kasrawad Muradabad 800 2,040
8 Khargone Kasrawad Jamala 125 277
9 Khargone Kasrawad Sadhupura 235 625
10 Khargone Kasrawad Gujari 250 708

The Key Activities conducted under the project are as follows:

1.Formation of women SHGs – 13 Women SHGs are formed and capacitated under the Project, One of the SHG is operating a Milk Collection and processing center.
2.Formation of Eco Clubs – 10 Eco Clubs are formed and the students are now our Green Ambassadors spreading awareness regarding Environment conservation.
3.Farm Bunding – Total 13770 Mts of Fram bunding has been done by the date securing soil from erosion and contamination
4.Promotion of Organic farming practices – 10 OPGs are formed till the date which is continuously following Organic Farming practices. Activities like Vermi culture, manure from kitchen and farm waste is also promoted and made popular within the farmers
5.Fodder management through Chaara Naand – For better fodder management 300 Chaara Naand have been installed in 10 villages.
6.Celebration of Important Days in Schools – Various important days like Republic Day, International Biodiversity Day, World Environment Day and International Womam Day are celebrated with community and children in 10 villages to ensure about awareness and relevance of the same.
7.Installation of Solar Street Lights and Domestic Solar Lights – To promote solar and renewable energy, 40 Solar Street Lights are installed in 10 villages and 250 Domestic lights are provided on Household level. 3 Soalr wtare lifting pumps were also repaired in 3 villages to ensure regular supply of water to the community
8.NADEP and Vermi Composting – To promote Organic manure, 50 NADEP and Vermi Composting units are made functional.
9.Animal health Camp – 13 Animal Health camps were organized under which 962 cattle were given medication and treatment.
10.Biogas – 20 Household level Biogas Units were installed in villages to ensure regular supply of clean fuel and reduction in women drudgery. Also these biogas units are providing continuous supply of slurry which is the best organic manure.
11.General Health Camp – Under 17 general health camps, 790 Individuals were treated and given medicines for various health issues.
12.Poultry and Goatry Farming – 30 Backyard Poultry Units and 20 Goatry Units were establishes under the project to ensure sustainable additional income for BPL families.

Apart from all these various other works like capacity building and reformation of Village level Institutions, renovation of School toilets, Teacher’s training on Science Lab, Establishment of Dairy Unit, Technical training on maintenance & repair of Solar equipments, Interschool competition, and Branding was done.

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